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Pest Infestation And What To Look Out For

If you are concerned that may have a pest infestation at your property, then one of the things you could do is call Anston Pest Control on 01909 562813. We will be happy to come out and treat it for you and also, give advice to help you stop the pests from returning.

At the time of writing, Spring is just around the corner. Which is why now might be a good time to have a walk around your home, garden or business premises to see if you can find any tell-tale sales of pest ingression, or places where you might think, with a bit of expert scratching, they could gain access to the property.

An earlier blog page post talked about the fun pests could have during the Covid lockdown, particularly in premises that have been shut for weeks on end. We recently saw in the news that moths have also had a great time damaging curtains during their uninterrupted residence.

Pest Infestation – Examples to look for

The photos in the gallery below all give an indication of the signs to look for and the damage caused by rats, mice and other pests in properties we have been called to.

Finding access points for pest intrusion is often fairly easy. Chewed vents and bin lids, etc.

Another easy to spot access point, droppings in loft and an example of an ideal home for mice and rats.

Ants ready to take flight in summer, a Squirrel drey and a wasp nest in the eaves.

Costly damage to furniture and bees nesting in chimney pots are all in a day’s work. Click here to download free guide.

We hope that you find the above photographs useful and can use them as examples of things to look out for around your property and to help you keep it pest-free. We hope that have a quite Spring and Summer.

If you do find that you need our help, then just gives us a call on 01909 562813 or visit the Anston Pest Control contact page.

examples of pest damage in derbyshire and south yorkshire

It’s so easy for rats to chew their way into all types of spaces.

Download our free ‘Common  Seasonal Pests To Look Out For‘ brochure here.

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