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Locking Out Pests In Lockdown

Unwelcome pests in Lockdown.

As the country endures a 30 day lockdown to stem the march of Covid-19 and Coronavirus, businesses providing non essential goods and services have been forced to close.

unwelcome pests in lockdown

Don’t let mice have a lockdown party.

However, what’s going on behind locked doors at cafes, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and nail bars as the vast majority of the population duly respect the rules of the pandemic and staying safe we can only guess at.

Our guess is that rats, mice, cockroaches, squirrels and other common pests could well be having a field day.

These unwelcome creatures will not be in lockdown. They won’t be wearing masks or social distancing but could be going about their business in quiet, warm environments, untroubled by human intrusion into their space.

Which means the possibility of finding a pest infestation in premises forced into closure by the lockdown rules is greatly increased.

unwelcome pests in lockdown

Check for unwelcome pests during lockdown.

Consequently, a pest infection could mean damage to doors and skirting boards, chewed wiring, possible health issues from droppings, and other problems relating to the extended presence of pests.

And mice in particular breed very fast. Once one or two find their way into your building, if left untreated they soon multiply.

Which means that if, as predicted, we have a short Christmas holiday and then a further month of lockdown, any pest problems could only get worse.

What you can do to avoid unwelcome pests in lockdown

As pest control experts, our advice is to:

  • Go into your business premises and have a careful look round for signs of pests
  • Check that any areas where food is stored or prepared are clean and pest free
  • Move any waste or rubbish that is stored outside well away from walls and sheds
  • If you have outbuildings, check for ‘rat runs’ – these are often flattened grass ‘pathways’ where rats regularly travel
  • Check attic spaces for signs of squirrels (often you can hear them as they tend to be noisy)

Having done the above, if you think that you have a pest problem, then call an expert to treat it for you.

Call Anston Pest Control

Getting in touch is easy. Call 01909 562813 or send us an email using this link and we’ll be on hand to help resolve your pest control problem.

And finally…

Anston Pest Control is solving pest control problems for customers throughout the lockdown period.

Please be assured that we have the safety of both the customer and our employees in mind and will exercise social distancing, wear masks, sanitise hands and do all we can to ensure that you and our team stay safe and stay well. Thanks.

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