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Commercial Pest Treatment

Anston Pest Control offers Bespoke Monthly Contracts for all types of commercial pest treatment in all types and size of premises.

Whatever the size or type of organisation you operate, for instance, a small kitchen to a large industrial site, a monthly contract means that we will look after ALL your pest control needs. Tailored to meet your individual requirements and budget, we provide…

  • Site surveys
  • Monthly site visits
  • Reports

…working to all industry recognised Classification Standards.


If you run any type of food manufacturing, food preparation, warehousing, cafe, restaurant, shop or other type of establishment that involves food or food management, then you’ll understand to keep your environment clean and pest-free. You’ll also understand the penalties, not to mention loss of income, if you don’t!

That’s why the professionals at Anston Pest Control can provide you with a ‘Duty of Care’ service that ensures you are clear of pests and compliant.

A site audit will ensure that you are insect and pest free – and our ongoing monitoring service contracts, that you remain so.

The Public Health Regulation (EC) 852/2004 lays down general hygiene requirements for all food business operators and states that :

  • The layout, design and construction of food premises are to permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against contamination and in particular, pest control.
  • Adequate procedures should be in place to control pests.

Having the security of an Anston Pest Control bespoke monthly contract will ensure that you stay on the right side of these regulations.

Offices and Commercial Pest Control

 Offices and even new commercial property are just as likely to fall foul of pest infestations as well as retail shops, restaurants, factories, garages, industrial unit, pubs and restaurants.

Anston Pest Control is your local, professional pest control service that is available to clients with commercial pest control requirements.

We also provide a mobile pest control service for offices, restaurants, factories, garages and industrial units in and around Anston and the surrounding areas.

Office and Shop Pest Control

As well as damaging buildings, equipment and stock they can also cause great distress for staff members and clients visiting the office. Computers and electrical equipment are at high risk from gnawing rodents such as mice and rats, and could also pose a fire risk.

Where offices are served on-site, these are at a higher risk of infestation due to the facilities and storage required to offer the service to staff and visitors.

No matter what your office provides, our highly trained team of technicians are always on hand to fully assess and produce an adequate pest management strategy to keep your office pest-free.

New Commercial Property Pest Prevention

Certain types of birds may cause problems for your new commercial property.

Birds can spread disease, damage new property and create hazardous conditions with waste and droppings. Anston pest Control can customise a bird control program focused on habitat modification.

Flies are a nuisance and a health risk in a business environment and can spread bacteria. They reproduce quickly, so control is a challenge. We can develop a strategic plan specifically for your property.

Odours are an unseen deterrent to your property.


At Anston Pest Control we offer flexible commercial pest treatment solutions for your farming business.

We understand the damage that rodents, insects and other vermin can impact on your revenue, buildings and machinery.

Rural pest control is a serious issue that can cause the spread of disease and the contamination of stock. This could result in costly grain rejection.

We have an extensive client base which includes arable farms, country estates, equine industry, studs, grain storage facilities, pig, poultry, sheep farms and other small holdings.

We will provide you with a quotation to survey your farm buildings and land for pests and carry out whatever remediation is required.

Contract prices and terms are available on request.

Our services are compliant with the Red Tractor food safety standards that ensure you are supporting the food industry and crop assured standards properly and professionally.

commercial pest control

We’ll Bee there when you need us.

We are called out to treat or remove all types of insects and pests. The photograph above is of a swarm of honey bees that decided to ,and on a property. On this occasion we called in an expert bee keeper to safely move them.

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