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Get rid of rats and mice

Get rid of rats and mice. Photo of a rat

How to get rid of Rats and Mice

Get rid of Rats and Mice. Call Anston Pest Control – your Local Rodent control expert – today.

These tend to be seasonal visitors and will be more active in the Winter months as they look for warmer places to live.

We use only industry approved methods to remove rats and mice from the location. Then, proofing of drains, sewers, air vents and barn or garage doors should be carried out professionally to ensure they do not return. Vermin are experts in the exploiting even the smallest gaps, so for total peace-of-mind, you must seek professional help.

The Secret Life of Rats


The first recorded sighting of the Brown Rat, or Sewer rat, Rattus norvegicus, was in the early 18th Century. Having originated from the east it is though that they arrived in Britain on Norwegian ships carrying timber.

Rats are usually brown or dark grey in colour, have small ears and eyes and can usually weigh up to 550g. They vary in length and have a tail that is slightly shorter than its combined head and body length.


Rats are prolific breeding animals, commonly having litters of up to ten pups, or pinkies, three to six times each year.


A Rat can eat one tenth of its body weight on average each day.

The Secret Life of Mice


The House Mouse, Mus domesticus, was first found in Britain in the 9th Century.

They tend to be brown to grey with a lighter underside, have large ears and small eyes. They can weigh up to 25g and have a tail that, like a Rat, is slightly shorter than its body length.


Like Rats, the House Mouse is a prolific breeding mammal, commonly having up to eight litters every year, each with between four and eight young, known as pups or pinkies. The mouse reaches maturity in six to eight weeks and consequently, can soon infest a location in large numbers unless controlled.


A mouse will eat whole wheat or grain.


Areas favoured by rodents are food storage or preparation areas, for instance, pantries and kitchens. They can also be found in under-floor areas, pipes, lofts and bathrooms. Rats tend to be found in sub-floor or loft areas.

Rodents can also be found on farms where they favour stored crops and animal feed, bedding and even animal waste.

You can often spot signs of rodents by looking for droppings, holes, runs and tracks, as well as damage to skirting and doors.

GET RID OF Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice must be controlled as they carry germs, are messy and smelly house guests and can quickly over-run a location if left unattended.

The fast and efficient way to get rid of rats and mice, call Anston Pest Control, your Local rodent control expert today.

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