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Get rid of squirrels in Derbyshire and south Yorkshire

How to get rid of Squirrels

To get rid of squirrels, call Anston Pest Control – your Local Squirrel control expert – today.

Squirrels gain access to eaves, attics and other areas of buildings and again, the damage they cause can be substantial. We provide a number of treatment steps to remove them from your property.

The Secret Life of Grey Squirrels


The Grey Squirrel, Scirurus carolinenensis, the animal most commonly spotted in the UK, looks quite ‘cuddly’, but in reality, is an aggressive and a major cause of damage to properties.

They originally came from the USA in the late nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries. There arrival coincided with the reduction in numbers of the native Red Squirrel, the numbers of which are said to have reduced through loss of hazels and mature conifers and disease. The Grey Squirrel can eat food at an earlier stage of ripeness than the Red Squirrel, which needs fully mature food.

The Grey Squirrel has a grey back and tail, with occasionally, reddish flanks. It weighs around 450 to 650g, with a tail that can grow to 25cm in length.


The Grey Squirrel has three or four litters a year, each of an average of three kittens. Maturity is reached in ten to twelve months, with an average life span of two years.


Grey Squirrels can be part granivore and part omnivore. Its diet includes beechmast, flowers, tree shoots, acorns and nuts. It will also eat roots, fruits and cereals. It will also collect and caches surplus food in scattered sites just below the ground surface in in tree hollows.


As well as in trees and plantations, Squirrels can easily gain access to roof spaces where, as well as being noisy, will cause damage to roof timbers, plumbing and electrical wiring.

GET RID OF Squirrels

Squirrels must be controlled as they cause damage to tree trunks by bark stripping, particularly in the months of May, June and July. It can also damage parks and gardens, from where it will take cereal, fruit and vegetables.

For fast and efficient Squirrel Removal, call Anston Pest Control on 01909 562813 or email your Local Squirrel control expert today.

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