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Get rid of ants

Photo of ants nest. Get rid of ants before they damage your property

How to get rid of Ants

Get rid of Ants – Call your Local Ant control expert today.

Ants are Summer pests and are particularly unwelcome in your home or property. Left unattended they can build large nests which must be removed without delay. All types of nooks and crannies can be home to these pests and the smallest hole can be used for access.

The Secret Life of Ants


The ‘Workers’ are the type of Ant most commonly found in properties. They are almost always brown or black in colouring and are generally around 2mm to 5mm in size.

Queens and male ants are produced at particular times of the year and it is these flying ants that you see leaving the nest on certain days in Summer, when weather conditions are right. The flying males die after mating and the queens lose their wings before they find a new nest site. Very few mated queens survive for long enough to set up a new colony.


The Common Black Ant and Garden Ant, Lasius Niger, is the only indigenous Ant that enters houses in Britain. The mated queen establishes a nest in soil and creates new ‘starter’ nest. The first brood is raised by the queen, who feeds them on saliva. These larvae then pupate and form the first batch of worker ants. As the queen continues to lay eggs, the colony grows rapidly and the new eggs are tended to and fed by the workers.


The Ant’s diet includes seeds, small insects, nectar, honeydew and Aphids.


 Ants live in colonies and are social insects. An established colony can last for many years. Nests are commonly found in soil but can also be found under concrete and paving stones. They can be a particular nuisance as, when foraging, they can find their way into industrial premises and houses in their search for sugary substances. When they have nested inside, infestations can be a year-round problem.

They also can be a short term problems when swarming to mate.


Ant colonies can contain millions of Ants and once inside a property they encroach on floors and work surfaces as they search for food. They do bite and whilst not poisonous, an Ant bite is unpleasant and causes skin irritation. If you see Ants inside your property then please give Anston Pest Control a call.

We have successfully removed many Ant nests from a variety of locations and can help you too. If you have a problem, then just call us for a quote.

If you have a property in Sheffield, Rotherham and Worsop area and have a problem with Ants, check out our contact page now.

For fast and efficient Ant Removal, call Anston Pest Control, your Local wasp control expert today.

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