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How Do I Control Moles?

How do I control moles? To find out, we’re going to tunnel into the archives and go back.

Way back, to the 1980s when Birmingham-born actor, comedian, singer/songwriter and TV star, was at the top of his game.

Around this time, he wrote an autobiography that featured an entertaining chapter about moles and how they were destroying his lawn.

He tells a story, which can also be seen in a short cartoon, about how moles became his nemesis.

Every morning he found freshly dug mole hills in his beautifully manicured lawn and nothing he could do would scare the moles away.

how do i control moles?

How Do I Control Moles In My Garden?

In this very funny film  you see Jasper Carrott unsuccessfully setting a mole trap, trying and failing to smoke them out, and attempting to evict them by using a combination of Garlic and mothballs.

According to the story, he was so frustrated about the damage moles were doing to his garden that he employed some more extreme methods to get rid of them.

Following advice given to him in a pub – not always the best place to get answers – he sat in his garden at night with a shotgun, watching for any signs of earth being displaced by those terrible moles.

At the first sight of any movement from the lawn, Jasper would fire both barrels.

Still the moles dug. All he managed to do was damage his beloved lawn still further and by the time he’d finished, said his garden looked like the Somme!

What Is The Correct Way To CONTROL Moles?

As an experienced pest controller, the last thing we would do is advise you to try something as crazy as this. It is hugely dangerous, most probably illegal, and will do no good at all.

Which is why I want to tell you a little more about moles and how we will help you to control them.

You will quite often see evidence of where moles have been active. However, the only time most people will see a mole is in a film or a cartoon, where they are depicted as funny, cuddly little animals.

However, the reality is that a mole in your garden or on your land is a pest.

Although moles prefer a meal of insects to your vegetables or plants, it is their underground activities that can destroy your garden or lawn. Their tunnels can be quite close to the surface, or up to 30cms deep, and consequently, they remove soil from the around plant or grass roots, causing the grass or plants to die.

Often encouraged by the presence of a bountiful population of soil pests, an invasion of moles spells trouble for the gardener or farmer. Their presence can also be a warning that all is not well with your soil quality.

How Do I Know If I Have Moles?

Moles are small mammals with distinctive pointed faces and very small eyes.

The way they dig is in a ‘swimming’ motion, using their front legs and claws to burrow through the earth. They tend to be most active in the evenings, particularly in the Autumn when the warmer rain and damper soil provides much encouragement for moles.

You can generally see if you have a mole problem, as their tunneling will leave raised volcano-type piles of soil on the surface of your garden or lawn. Additionally, surface ridges can also occur and will be a good indication of mole activity.

How Do I To Get Rid Of Moles?

how do i control molesYou may find lots of different recommendations that explain how to get rid of moles, and these may or may not include smoke, mothballs or Garlic.

However, the only way you can be certain that your moles will be treated correctly and effectively, is to call an expert like Anston Pest Control.

Our expert pest controllers are both skilled and qualified in the humane treatment of all kinds of pests, including moles.

If you are a business, you can enter into a pest control plan, which gives you the peace of mind that pests, of all types, are kept under control.

To find out more about contract plans, please call Anston Pest Control on 01909 562813.

How Do I Stop Moles Returning To My Garden Or Land?

Again, you will probably be able to find various and widely differing suggestions as to how you can prevent moles returning to your property.

Again the best course of action to be sure your mole problem is under control is to call the experts at Anston Pest Control.

We work with both individual householders and businesses throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and Worksop.

That number again, 01909 562813.

Why not check out our Testimonials and Accreditations now.

You can also check what other seasonal pests are around at different times of the year here.

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