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Squirrels In The Loft

An employee of a business we work with walked into his company boardroom and suddenly realised that he had squirrels in the loft.

He was expecting to meet a client but instead came face to face with a grey squirrel.

And a large one at that.

The squirrel was sat on the table. Our customer headed for the door.

When he walked back in the squirrel had gone.

It turned out that there was a substantial nest, or drey, to give it its correct name, in the roof space above the room where a number of grey squirrels had gained access from trees at the rear of the building.

It was a bit of a shock to our customer to find squirrels in the loft,  but it is not unusual for squirrels to make a home inside a building.

Grey squirrels make look cute and cuddly. However, they can be aggressive.

When you see them in your garden, by the roadside or in trees, they look quite small. Face to face across a desk they are another matter entirely.

About the Grey Squirrel

squirrels in the loft professional pest control Anston Pest Control

You will find grey squirrels in a wide range of habitats, gardens and parks to woods. You can also find them in roof spaces or attics where they may use loft insulation or other materials to nest.

A grey squirrel will usually have two litters every year. Their first litter is in February or March, with a second either June or July.

The grey squirrel is not native to the UK having been ‘imported’ from the USA. It is one of the main causes behind the decline of the red squirrel. This is because the grey squirrel is able to eat green acorns, so it will consume the food source before the red squirrel, which can only eat mature acorns.

The grey squirrel also carries a disease called Parapoxvirus, which will kill red squirrels.


Although it the grey squirrel is classified as a rodent is not regarded as vermin.

However, where a grey squirrel gets inside a roof space, it is likely to cause damage to insulation, plastic water pipes, electrical wiring and loft insulation. This could result in flooding or a fire – and an expensive bill for the property owner.

How to get rid of Squirrels

If you find squirrels in the loft of your home or building then you need to call an expert like Anston Pest Control.

If you have squirrels outside, then we cannot help you as they are deemed to be in their natural habitat.

However, once you have taken action to remove them from inside your property it is essential you ensure that others cannot return.

Some of the things you can do to secure against squirrels are:

  • Block entry points with wire, metal sheet or other suitable material
  • Attach baffles to external cables or down pipes that could encourage squirrels to access your roof space
  • Cut down any overhanging tree branches that are close to gutters and eaves
  • Move bird feeders away from eaves and use squirrel-proof feeders

Call Anston Pest Control if you have squirrelS IN THE LOFT

If you have squirrels in your building then you need to contact Anston Pest Control.

We have all the equipment and expertise you need to rid you of squirrels, humanely and effectively.

They may look cuddly – but you certainly don’t want them in your roof space.

Phone 01909 562813 for more information about squirrel removal

Read more about squirrels on our pest control page.

Download our free ‘Common  Seasonal Pests To Look Out Forbrochure here.

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