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Get rid Of Textile Pests

get rid of textile pests


If you want to get rid of textile pests, bugs and fleas, then call Anston Pest Control – your Local textile pest control expert – today.

Bedbugs are small insects that often live in bedding or on furniture. Their bites do not usually cause health problems but bites can be itchy and uncomfortable. Bedbugs can be found in many locations, including clothing, mattresses, bed frames, furniture and clothing.

The Secret Life of Bedbugs


The Common Bedbug Cimex lectularius is found the world over. They are uniformly brown in colour with prominent antennae adjacent to their eyes. They also have well-developed long legs and strong claws that allow them to grip tightly.


The female Bedbug lays eggs throughout its life, which is something unusual in insects. They can produce three eggs a day and can live for months. This means that each one could produce up to 400 eggs during its lifetime. The Bedbug is around 4-5mm in length and its eggs are approximately 1mm long.


The nymph emerges from the egg after 10 days and is goes on to feed on the blood of vertebrates. They feed at night on human hosts as they sleep. Bites are uncomfortable and cause itching.


 Bed bugs are small, blood-sucking insects that live in and infest beds and bedrooms. They are not attracted by dirt but can thrive in rooms where there is clutter. Their bites are painless but can often cause a reaction. Bedbugs thrive in a warm harbourage and beds offer the perfect environment.

Why control Bedbugs?

Infestations can occur in beds, bedding, furniture and cause a substantial nuisance, so once identified, they should be treated and removed without delay.

 For fast and efficient Textile Pest Removal, call Anston Pest Control, your Local Bed Bug and Flea control expert today.

The Secret Life of Fleas


The common fleas tend to be the Dog Flea Ctenocephalides canis and the Cat Flea Ctenocephalides felis felis and both have large jumping legs and black non-sensory spines. The bristle combs on the body are distinctive features.


Fleas have mouthparts that are designed for sucking and these can be seen projecting downwards from the head. The female Flea can lay several hundred eggs in the dog’s or cat’s fur, or within your pet’s bedding or rest area. The flea is quite small in size, being approximately 2mm long (cat flea) and 2mm to 2mm to 3.25mm long (dog flea).


The adult Flea feeds on the blood of its host, whilst the larvae is not a blood sucker, instead feeding on organic debris found in the animal’s bedding. They are also capable of feeding on humans.


 Fleas live in the fur of the animal, its body shape enabling it to move smoothly through fur. It can also inhabit pet bedding.


Distress caused by Flea bites in both animals and humans can be considerable, which is why regular treatments should be applied by experts. Animal treatments should only be applied by Vets, although a qualified pest controller can treat an infected area if no pets are present.

Fleas can cause problems for pet owners, even in the cleanest of homes. They tend to spend most of their time on your dog or cat, but their eggs and larvae can infest carpet pile and bedding. They can also cause health problems for your pet if they are not treated promptly.

For fast and efficient Textile Pest Removal, call Anston Pest Control on 01909 562813 or email your Local Bed Bug and Flea control expert today.

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