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Wasp Nest Treatment In Yorkshire

This latest post from Anston Pest Control will help you to find out more about our wasp nest treatment in Yorkshire.

As I write this it’s mid-July and the sun is streaming through the door.

The school holidays are here and thoughts turn to picnics and the youngsters playing outside.

Also, it’s around now that something else less delightful than the sun comes into your kitchen or living room. Our old friend and summer visitor, the wasp.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. You know the feeling. The loud buzz, the annoying presence, and the shouts of: “Help, there’s a wasp in my bedroom.”

You remove that wasp and there’s soon another. And another.

You realise that there could be a nest somewhere close by.

wasp nest treatment yorkshire

Wasps get Everywhere

Yes, wasps are good for the environment and the ecosystem. They play their part in helping pollination and keeping other pests at bay. But you don’t want them living with you.

Wasps can nest anywhere. Soffits, guttering, eaves and exterior wall cavaties are all highly desirable residences for wasps.

Also, plants and patios are welcome nesting spots. Even a small hole in a dry lawn can be home to a large nest of wasps.

So, as the sun beckons you for that BBQ or outdoor lunch, the last thing you want is wasps. Those sticky drinks, beer and wine glasses and cakes are all great invitations for wasps from near and far to join you and spoil your day.

And that’s just outside. Inside, homes and offices with abundant spiders and insects provide welcome prey for both mature and developing grubs.

Which is why you must call a local wasp treatment expert to safely locate and remove any nest you find within your premises without delay.

While wasps do not necessarily go out of their way to sting you, they will become hostile if they are disturbed or feel threatened. Ask anyone who has accidentally trodden on one in bare feet or open footwear.

The good thing is that whilst their stings are painful , they do not cause any long term problems, unless you are someone who has an allergy to the wasp’s venom.

Wasp Nest TREATMENT In Yorkshire

Anston Pest Control provides professional and effective wasp nest removal in Yorkshire.

We take a proactive approach to not only removing wasps but providing you with the support and help of a wasp control plan to ensure that your premises remain wasp free.

Our expert wasp nest treatment specialists:

  • Understand exactly where wasps are likely to build nests on your property
  • Remove wasp nests safely without causing damage to your property
  • Will answer any questions about wasps and the different species you may encounter
  • Help you manage waste to reduce the chance of them nesting
  • Employ safe and environmentally friendly techniques to treat and remove nests.

Yes, wasps are a benefit to pollination and the ecosystem but you don’t want them nesting in or on your home or business property. You need to get them treated without delay.

Wasp Nest TREATMENT in Yorkshire

If you have, or think you might have, a wasp problem, then don’t leave it. One thing’s for sure, it won’t go by itself. Give Anston Pest Control a call on 01909 562813. If is an emergency, then you can reach us on 07969 329 396

Alternatively, you can drop me an e-mail here.

And hopefully, between June and October you will enjoy a wasp-free Summer.

If you feel the urge to find out more about wasps, then you can do so here.

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