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South Yorkshire Floods Cause Problems With Rats

It’s not so much rats leaving a sinking ship, but they are now deserting areas affected by the South Yorkshire floods of recent days . This means that it’s time to look out for any near you.

derbyshire and south yorkshire floodsAnston Pest Control is presently receiving lots of phone calls from home owners, property residents and business owners about rodents following the flooding that affected large parts of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire.

The problem is that displaced rats are now looking for somewhere warm and dry to stay.

Matt Starr, managing director of Anston Pest Control, is warning people to keep a watchful eye for rodents taking up residency in people’s homes and in and around property.

“The problem is that, as rats are powerful swimmers, they can travel some distance away from the flooding and then use cracks in brickwork, badly pointed walls, and damaged pipework to gain access to flats, houses, buildings and outhouses”, says Starr.

South Yorkshire floods Follows Record Rainfall

It could be that November 2019 will prove to be the wettest November since 1852, as it seems possible that there will be heavy rain until the end of the month.

Why do rats become a problem when there’s flooding?

When there is excessive rain, it is very likely that rat burrows will be washed out. Also, as has been reported in Derbyshire, sewer lids have been lifted by the force of water below and sewage as flowed into properties through the sewer system. These sewage spills have caused businesses to lose expensive stock, ruined interior decoration and deposited filth in and around property. Which is all very encouraging to rodents.

Once property and items have been damaged by flood water, it is very easy to just pile the rubbish up outside the property. This in itself is a problem as rodents will often find a home here. They also shred materials to build nests. Which is why it is a good idea to check sheds and lofts for encroachment by rodents. You might also look for flattened grass or ground created by rodents going to and from their new nesting sites.


We have covered the health problems that are caused by rodent droppings and urine that can turn into diseases, such as Weil’s disease and other conditions, in previous posts.

Weil’s disease is a type of bacterial infection that is carried by animals, most commonly in rats and cattle. It is also known as Leptospirosis.

It can be transmitted to humans through contact with the urine of rats or cattle, as well as through contaminated fresh water, which is the most common cause. As rivers burst their banks, flood water, which is quite possibly contaminated by disease, affects wider areas.

Individuals who work in or near water, participate in water sports, or come into contact with untreated water, are at a higher risk than others.

You can read more about Weil’s disease on the ROSPA website.

How should You Manage A Rat Problem?

If you have come across or think that you have rodents, then you should call a pest control expert like Anston Pest Control. We are located in the centre of the area presently affected by flooding and are well placed to solve your infestation problems. You should also:

  • Take care to store food properly and securely
  • Move flood debris away from your property
  • Look for small gaps in doors or other access points and try to seal them
  • Use proper small animal fencing methods for total security
  • Ensure bins are sealed and do not allow easy access to rodents

Read more on our rats and mice page here.


If you live in, work in or own property in Chesterfield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield or Worksop area, then call Anston Pest Control and we will advise you how we can help you to resolve your pest control problem.

The numbers you will need are 01909 562813 or, in an emergency, 07969 329396

seasonal pests to look out for from anston pest controlDOWNLOAD YOUR  ‘Common SEASONAL PESTS TO LOOK OUT FOR’ BROCHURE HERE

Anston Pest Control has published a short brochure explaining what pests, including rats and mice, to look out for during the year. To download it, please click the image or this link to get your copy.


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