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Expanding Rotherham Pest Control Service

South Yorkshire vermin control experts, Anston Pest Control, has expanded its Rotherham Pest Control service.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic caused large parts of the country to be locked down or put into one of three tiers, the company has seen its work in both domestic and business premises increase.

Managing director, Matt Starr, commented:

“Anston Pest Control is now busier than ever and we are delighted to be receiving very positive feedback from customers about our work.”

With many large industrial, commercial, and hospitality premises being closed for weeks on end, there is increased potential for pest intrusion, particularly as the weather becomes colder and rats, mice and other unwelcome visitors look for somewhere warm to nest.

Once inside a building and left to their own devices, these animals can do a lot of damage to floors, interior fittings, electrical cables and plastic piping as they search for materials for nest building.

rotherham pest controlLeaving rubbish and waste piled against or near walls of houses, offices and outbuildings is like putting up a ‘Vermin Welcome Here’ sign.

Which is why Anston Pest Control is reminding householders and business owners to check that doors, windows and guttering are in a safe condition and that there are no loose, broken, or missing drain covers that will allow rats easy access to premises.


Here are six things that you can do to help reduced the chances of suffering a vermin problem this winter:

  1. Bin your refuse properly and do not pile extra rubbish alongside buildings. Rats will use it to climb will easily chew through wheely bin lids.
  2. Keep your garden and other outside areas tidy and place all grass cuttings and garden waste in properly sealed bags for disposal.
  3. Ensure that your walls are not overrun with Ivy and other climbing plants. Rats are expert climbers and it is like leaving a ladder out for them.
  4. Ensure all food is properly sealed and placed in a safe place. Check that all food storage or cooking areas are left clean and tidy.
  5. Seal or repair broken door jambs, skirting boards, and garage or shed doors that will otherwise offer easy access to vermin.
  6. Check that all drain covers are in good order and that you have the correct pipe and vent cowling and grills in place.

Don’t give vermin an easy life, but regularly check that your premises are in a good state of repair, all waste is properly stored and that exterior areas are clean and tidy, and you should not go far wrong.

Call Rotherham Pest Control

If you do find that you have a pest control problem and you live in Rotherham, or anywhere else in South Yorkshire or North East Derbyshire, please give Anston Pest Control a call on 01909 562813 and we will give you a quote to solve the problem. We will also advise you how to ensure that your home or business premises remain pest-free.

You can read more about our services on the Rotherham Pest Control webpage.

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